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Winter Guide 2013

Catch the chill

Winter 2012-2013 has already made more of an impact than the previous two winters. By late December we had some serious snowfalls, bitter temperatures, and all of the attendant slush and ice. After a few years off, winter is back in Western New York. Instead of hiding from it and complaining, let's make the most of it.

There's no question that Rochester is a sports town, and that remains true even when the ball fields are covered with snow. In this edition of Winter Guide Lillian Dickerson takes a look sports played on ice, and where you can check them out in and around Rochester. If you're the athletic type you'll find participatory options for hockey, speed skating, and more. If you'd rather sit in the bleachers and warm your hands on some cocoa, she also has the info on spectator opportunities. When's the last time you took in a good bonspiel?

Make sure to keep your calendar clear for the 10 exciting events Adam Lubitow has curated for his season preview. There's a lot going on in the next three months, from exciting regional premieres like the Broadway smash "Book of Mormon," to concerts by buzz-worthy band Passion Pit. You'll get the scoop on some outdoor activities too, like the annual Lakeside Winter Celebration and maple-syrup weekends at area nature centers.

If you need to warm up after a trek in the snow and ice, Paloma Capanna has some fun ideas on how to get hot. Break out the safety gear, because it's blacksmithing time.

-Eric Rezsnyak

In This Guide...

  • WINTER GUIDE 2013: Slick moves

    Plenty of area sports take place on the ice
    The contrast between the blustery weather outside and the comforts of central heating indoors can be enough to make one go into hibernation mode. If you stay inside all winter, however, you'll be missing out on a whole bunch of seasonal activities.

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    Unconventional ways to keep warm this winter
    It's January. It's cloudy.

  • WINTER GUIDE 2013: Cold comforts

    Ten exciting events to help you get through the winter
    Contrary to popular opinion — and yes, probably common sense — Rochesterians don't go into hibernation during the winter months. We're a hearty bunch; blizzards, ice, snow, slush, and wind aren't enough to dissuade us from venturing outdoors when there's a good time to be had.