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Adam Lubitow


This is my third year covering the Rochester Fringe Festival for City Newspaper, and while I've got a long list of shows I'm looking forward to -- Remote Rochester, ShakesBLOOD, Hot Tub: The Musical, and the RIT Student Honors Show currently top my list -- by now I've learned that my favorite acts often end up being the ones that weren't even on my radar going into the festival. It's the joy of discovery that keeps me excited and coming back to Fringe each year.

I'm also hoping to check out the lineup of movies showing at the festival's Pedestrian Drive-In at least a couple nights over the next 10 days. As programmer and writer for the ImageOut Film Festival, as well as City's resident film critic, the rest of my time is spent loitering in Rochester's many fine movie houses. As the week marches on, I'll mostly be surviving on a steady diet of iced coffee, popcorn, and dreams, but as long as you don't mind a likely-delirious, sleep-deprived response, feel free to shoot me a tweet @adamlubitow.


Daniel J. Kushner

Art in a familiar medium that challenges us to engage with culture in a way we may not have otherwise has always piqued my interests. There is perhaps no local festival that draws such a high concentration of artists who ply their trade in this way than the Rochester Fringe Festival.

I'm especially excited about the influx of contemporary dance performances that the festival brings, including works from New York City and Milwaukee choreographers in "An Ode to Lovingly Imperfect Bipedals" and a program from BIODANCE that shines a much-needed light on social justice issues.

Contemporary dance will also be an integral part of the concert "Bach without Boundaries," in which violist Bridget Kinneary will perform alongside dancer Missy Pfohl-Smith. The Fringe Festival presents numerous opportunities to see multidisciplinary works that show how music and visual art can inform one another, and this performance will certainly be one to watch. Follow me on Twitter: @danieljkushner.


Frank De Blase

Welcome to my world, the underground; splendor in the light fantastic; life on the edge; life on the fringe. If you know anything about me, you know I dig shit that's out there, socially, emotionally dangerous, devoid of convention, a genuine threat to pop culture and organized religion. Now not everyone has the resources or the wherewithal to go hunting for the odd, the unique, the fringe, but you do have the Rochester Fringe Festival where all disciplines of artistic expression explode upon our downtown landscape in a counter culture display. And we're not just talkin' about music either. I'm aiming to see a pant-load of performances howsabout you?


Leah Stacy

I am a freelance journalist who eagerly anticipates the Rochester Fringe Festival every year. Though my specialization is in theater, I love any risky, new artistic work. In 2014, I produced my own show, "Intrepid," at the Fringe -- but I look forward to being in the audience this year. When I'm not freelancing, you can find me at Nazareth College teaching media and communication classes or guzzling coffee at one of the many fine shops around town. You can follow me on Twitter: @leahstacy.


Rebecca Rafferty

I'm looking forward to loads of shows (I'm reviewing 30 and probably seeing even more), but especially the Arthur Shawcross-based drama, "Mystic Castle"; "Conscience," a play about Rochesterian Bob Good on trial as part of the Camden 28; "Sure-Minded Uncertainties," which promises a magical exploration of the balance of nature and technology; "H | Histories," a musical performance inspired by subatomic particles and genomic lineage; and the Roc Bottom Slam Poetry Team's performance of "Growing Pains." Follow me on Twitter: @rsrafferty.


Jake Clapp

It's hard not to be excited about the Rochester Fringe Festival. More than 500 events; unique settings; artists pushing the boundaries of what is considered "traditional" in their genres; the Fringe is a whirlwind of performances that you won't easily find anywhere else during the year. It's invigorating to see the Rochester arts community starting to embrace new, funky, and fun ideas. Plus it doesn't hurt that the fall weather is starting to creep in.

While I will be out and about covering my share of performances, as City's Arts & Entertainment editor, I will spend the next week mostly burning the midnight oil, coordinating coverage, tweeting, and helping our bloggers review their shows. It's going to be an exciting week, and we want to help you figure out how to make the most of the Fringe.

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