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While the daily life of a college student can be consumed by time spent in the lecture halls, libraries, and dormitories, there is plenty to learn and experience off-campus as well. The decisions you make about what to eat, where to study, how to spend your time, and how to spend your money while in school can have a direct impact on your overall well-being.

  • Illustration by Ryan Williamson

In the 2019 edition of our annual CITY U issue, our summer interns Efua Agyare-Kumi and Jessica Pavia draw from their first-hand knowledge of student living to provide insight and expertise for bolstering your quality of life, during your time in academia and beyond.

First, Efua explores the factors preventing Rochester students from making their way off-campus into the city, what they may be missing by not venturing out. Then Jessica gives an overview of how, both on and off campus, you can become more civically engaged and invested in local political issues that have bearing on you as a student.

Coffee shops are indispensable to student life, and Rochester has a wealth of options, whether you need a place to study or just a spot to unwind. Efua and Jessica have a run-down of some of the city's essential caffeine stops, as well as a round-up international restaurants and markets.

Finally, there's some practical advice for tackling student debt and managing your finances responsibly. And don't overlook the strategic tips for a productive college experience, scattered throughout the issue.

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CITY U is a publication planned, researched, and produced by CITY Newspaper interns under the guidance of CITY editorial staff. Meet our Summer 2019 interns:

Left: Jessica Pavia was born and raised in Victor, NY, where she lives with her family and two dogs, Max and Maizie. She now majors in English at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, where she has a concentration in non-fiction writing and is the editor in chief of the campus’ only news publication. She hopes to find a place in journalism or publishing once graduating next year.

Right: Efua Agyare-Kumi is an international student from Ghana and Nigeria studying English and International Relations at the University of Rochester. She’s passionate about journalism and youth civic engagement, she serves as News Editor for her campus paper, and
co-chair of the Committee for Political Engagement.

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