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HOLIDAY GUIDE '10: Introduction

We need a little Christmas


This past weekend I saw Pittsford Musicals' very good production of "Annie." Although the play is set in the 1930's, parts of it sound an awful lot like 2010. The country is suffering through a severe economic depression. Millions are out of work. A Democratic president is being pressured to miraculously fix the destructive policies of the preceding Republican administration. Sound familiar?

The play's characters sing about the sorry state of the country in the face of the impending holidays ("The windows are minus the dressing / The children don't grin / The Santas are thin"), but there's still a happy ending, and everyone has a merry Christmas. Granted, it's a musical, and the titular orphan gets adopted by a billionaire, which is not likely to happen to you or me. But you don't need Daddy Warbucks' cavernous pockets to have a happy holiday. You just need to be a little more creative when it comes to spreading the holiday cheer.

The good news: the Rochester area has many opportunities for getting into the holiday spirit, and a bunch of them are dirt cheap, or free. You can listen to hundreds of tubas blast out carols during Merry TubaChristmas. Or go ice skating after the lighting of the Liberty Pole. Or smell chestnuts roasting on an open fire during the Park Ave Open House. These are just a few of the dozens of events in our holiday events calendar.

Read on for local food and drink gift ideas for the foodie in your life and how the big, bad internet can help you find and support the work of some amazing Rochester-area crafters and artists. Oh, and don't forget about Krampus.

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  • HOLIDAY GUIDE '10: Holiday events calendar

    COMPILED BY CAITLIN SHAPIRO Below find a list of some of the major holiday happenings in an around Rochester during November and December.

  • HOLIDAY GUIDE '10: Crafts

    A crafty approach: Etsy.com lets you shop for local arts & crafts online
    BY JESSE HANUS The endless sea of consumer goods that fill shopping malls each year can leave holiday shoppers gasping for air.

  • HOLIDAY GUIDE '10: Gifts for foodies

    Taste buds: Please the hard-to-shop-for by giving the flavors of Rochester
    BY CAITLIN SHAPIRO Your friend may casually mention that the pumpkin-spice coffee you're drinking is her favorite, or maybe you notice that your boyfriend is always ordering the same dish at his favorite Indian restaurant because he "can't get enough of those spices."

  • HOLIDAY GUIDE '10: The year of living Krampusly

    How and why you should terrorize your children into behaving during the holidays
    Last holiday season, my family entered the danger zone. My 9-year-old nephew, a video-game addict whose bottom must surely be fusing to the couch by now, was asked to feed the dogs.