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Best of Rochester 2014: Best Answers

Answers given by readers to the primary ballot.

One beautiful pie

"Pointillism" (Best Pizza Slice)

Oh, the spellings: Dinosaur edition

"Dinasaur"; "Dinasoar"; "Dinasour"; "Dinasuar"; "Diosaur"; "DYNASOR"; "The Dinosore" (Best Barbecue)

So, uh ... Dogtown?

"You need a definition of hots! this means "hot plate" to me, but then you have another question about the rochester "plate" below. Hmm, I am going to say Dogtown if this means hot dogs! And not hot plate. But either way, Dogtown has excellent hot plates too!" (Best Hots Restaurant)

Fishy hidden gem

"Kodak research building cafeteria" (Best Fish Fry)

Can we move in?

"My roommate is a Union Jack apron away from being Julia Child reincarnated." (Best Breakfast Sandwich)

Only as brownie points

"VM Giordano Imports European Cheese Shop!!! Do exclamation points help?" (Best Breakfast Sandwich)

Overly literal

"Apple Pie"; "Cheesecake"; "Cupcakes probably, they're doing crazy shit with cupcakes these days" (Best Desserts)

Best to say in a dramatic voice

"For the love of God, it's not Abbott's! It's Hedonist!" (Best Ice Cream/Frozen Custard/Frozen Yogurt)

But you'll have to deal with a shirtless dude on a horse

"La Putin"; "La petite Putin" (Best Food Cart/Food Truck)

Pregnancy announcement, Part 1

"Banzai!! Whyyyyy do I have to be pregnant right now!! All I want is sushi!!" (Best Sushi)

Making friends

"I don't freakin' know, they're all the same, but the guy from Two Ton Tony's complimented my flowers one day." (Best Delivery)

Dad jokes!

"Certainly not Jimmy. Or Warren."

(Best Buffet)

Wait, you can play fetchwith a llama?

"Java's by far! Where else can you sip a latte under a shark and simultaneously eavesdrop on conversations covering everything from how many Bjork B-Sides Bach would have on his iPod to the thrill of playing fetch with llamas?" (Best Coffee Shop)

Touché, Frankie. Touché.

"Frankie KatsampEs. <--- if I win again this year...will you guys spell my name right?  I still love you cite papor!!" (Best Barista)

Ba dum tss!

"I don't know where the outdoors would go for dining. Would have to be big place." (Best Outdoor Dining)

Our kind of workout

"Cam's Pizzeria" (Best Fitness Trainer)

Better keep an eye on Albert

"Some guy named Albert, not sure where, but my wife likes him." (Best Massage Therapist)

Alter egos

"Shear Breeze"; "Sheer Ego"; "Shear Energy"; "Sheer Wonders" (Best Salon)

Getting a "haircut"

"There's this place, probably best not to name names, where I'm pretty sure one could place a bet ..." (Best Barbershop)

Time to open a piano bar

"Craigs list....that shit is FREE!!!  get a piano daily!" (Best Musical Instrument store)

That was a bad night

"Not the guy who let me get my ex's name tattooed in boring Comic Sans" (Best Tattoo Artist)

Reading comprehension fail

"Voula's Greek Sweets" (2 votes) (Best Geek-Friendly Business)

Obligatory "they're allawful" answers

"A retiring politician is best so Bob Duffy"; "As if"; "None" (19 votes) (Best Local Politician)

On the next election ballot

"Alex White's Ponytail has better ideas than everyone and I mean that." (Best Local Politician)

Don't touch the Bills

"Golisano or who keeps the bills in wny" (Best Local Philanthropist)

Rage against the ambiguous

"That weird painting downtown that looks like two rats 69ing. You know the one. Behind World Wide News. Wtf?"; "69ing ratbears"; "Bear having sex with rat sculpture"; "Bears sexing. I mean sleeping."; "Rat sex mural"; "the 69ing rats"; "Weird Rapey Bear Mural thing" (Best Local Eyesore)

At the intersection ofStaby St. and Bludgeon Blvd.

"The murdery place" (Best Neighborhood)

Oh, it's real ...

"Is the Bubble Ball League real or did I dream it up?" (Best Local Recreational Sports League)

He is everywhere

"Gerry Szymanski ;)" (Best local Mascot)

Cool kangaroo

"There's a kangaroo wearing sunglasses in front of something on Chili Ave.  I like that guy." (Best Local Mascot)

Radio Ga Ga

"I dunno. I turn the station whenever the talking starts ...and in the morning I just listen to my Queen's greatest hits." (Best Local Radio Personality)

We've got a new namefor the category

"Assuming that the category is really 'The Rochester's Grandfather, Don Alhart Award for Best Local TV Personality': Norma Holland"; "Does it matter who I vote for? Don Alhart has won every year since 1956"; "Don Alhart, Rochester's Dad"; "the man, the myth, the legend — Don Alhart"; "Don friggin Alhart!" (Best Local TV Personality)

Great Scott!

"Scott Hetsko is always excited about weather and weather is always happening, therefore his excitement allows for weather to continue and prevents civilization from evaporating." (Best Local Weatherperson)

Oh, that guy

"That stoned guy on channel 8 or 10; I don't have TV anymore so I don't recall which channel." (Best Local Weatherperson)

Way over 140 characters

"Obviously the amount of characters I've used to type in my answers should reflect on how hard it would be for me to even have a twitter account...#imtoocoolfortwitter" (Best Local Twitter Account)


"Does the 70 Year Old Banjo Wielding Irish Gentleman who sang Auld Triangle and kicked my intoxicated 30 year old friend out of the music circle for tuning a guitar too loudly in my backyard count?" (Best Music Concert of 2014 (Club/Small Venue))

A barrel of fun, Part 1

"Barrel of Dolls" (Best Local Dance Company)


"I don't know, but I like the saucer things behind the Planetarium, I fart in one side and my brother can hear all the way across the park on the other side. Then he farts in it for me." (Best Art Exhibit of 2014)

A barrel of fun, Part 2

"Barrel of Dolls" (Best Art Exhibit of 2014)

Rat-bears strike again

"I still love those rat-bears having the sex." (Best Mural)

Ahead of its time

"The Little as it shows movies that don't even exist yet." (Best Movie Theater)

A burning hatred

"I'd rather light myself on fire than go to a sports bar." (Best Sports Bar)

We all know

"Happy Hour gets me in trouble." (Best Happy hour)

And sing it loud

"The whole world is my karaoke." (Best Bar for Karaoke)

Beer of La Mancha

"I read Don Quixote faster than the beer list at MacGregor." (Best Bar for Beer)

Pregnancy announcement, Part 2

With being pregnant. I want a corpse reviver so bad!!! (Best Bar for Craft Cocktails)

Depressing submission 1

"Drinking a 40 alone in Highland Park." (Best Cheap Night Out)

Depressing submission 2

"Eating stale Fritos I found under my car seat while quietly weeping about the pointlessness of existence." (Best Cheap Night Out)

Depressing submission 3

"'Biggest Loser You Know' - then I could win." (Best Category)

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