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2021 Rochester Fringe Festival Coverage



The KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival is back in person this year, and so are we.

For daily previews and reviews of performances from the 10th annual Rochester Fringe, through Sept. 25, this is the place.

And be sure to come back often: We'll have fresh new content from CITY and WXXI reporters every morning, so you don't miss a beat on essential Rochester Fringe productions this year.

Day 12 Recap: "Joywave closes out Rochester Fringe Festival in a big-decibel way"

Day 11 Recap: "The dark inspires Charming Disaster in 'Musical Tarot Show'"

Day 10 Recap: "PUSH Physical Theatre extinguishes the 'Generic Male'"

Day 9 Recap: "'The Twilight Zone' gets the Watkins treatment in clever Rochester Fringe concert"

Day 8 Recap: "Hettie Barnhill presents local premiere of Black Lives Matter film at Rochester Fringe"

Preview: "Joywave brings it home with 'Smokestacks' concert at Rochester Fringe Festival"

Day 7 Recap: "'Sherlock Holmes' blends dance and death, Letta Neely brings the spoken word"

Day 6 Recap: "A resurrected Rochester in 'flOUR CITY Interactive ROCgarden'"

Preview spotlight: "Searching for identity in 'Belonging(s)' at Rochester Fringe"

Day 4 Recap: "'Remnants' and 'ShMILF Life' yield powerful insights at Rochester Fringe"

Day 3 Recap: "Garth Fagan Dance returns 'home' to Rochester Fringe Festival"

Day 2 Recap: "'Unleashed! Improv' and 'Bushwhacked' bring the silly to Rochester Fringe Festival"

Day 1 Recap: "Rochester Fringe Festival opens with zany 'AfterParty,' serious 'Ghost Story'"

Feature spotlight: "Rachel McKibbens's Fringe show reaches from the darkness to 'my people'"

Preview: "Rochester Fringe Festival shows reach for the light, and the heavy"

Preview: "A Rochester Fringe binge (on the cheap)"

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