RBC: Lee's Custom Ride

When: Fri., Aug. 28, 9 a.m. 2015

Starts from: Culver Ridge Plaza, 2255 East Ridge Rd, Yes, and out of town along the way. Distance: 22 miles! Speed: 10-12 mph (a leisurely ride to enjoy the scenery) Notes: Along the bike path to Sea Breeze and along the lake to Rock Beach Rd. Past White City to Summerville and then over the O'Rourke bridge to Stutson St. Where we will then loop around and head south along the river and over the board walk to Turning Point Pk. All of this rich and historical loveliness will be expertly narrated by our own Rochestarian cyclist man of the year, Bill L. We will then head back north to Charlotte and possibly some food or ice cream.