Fundamentals of Shamanism with Bekki Shining Bearheart

When: May 31-June 1, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. 2014

Shamanic journeying is the core technique of shamanism, enabling the practitioner to obtain help from spirit allies by traveling in a trance state to the shamanic realms. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing technique that has been practiced in every tribal culture throughout the known world, on every inhabited continent. This workshop introduces participants to shamanic journeying and related techniques. Using drumming, rattling, movement and other methods of sonic driving to move into a state of shamanic consciousness, participants learn to journey to contact and interact with their personal spirit allies in order to address personal problems and help others. Bekki works intensively with students to ensure a quality learning experience. This workshop includes discussion of methods of shamanic practices worldwide, and preparatory exercises for grounding, centering and shielding and for developing an understanding of individual journey styles. Participants will learn * How to prepare themselves to safely journey in the spirit realms * How to recognize the shamanic state of consciousness * How to recognize their personal unique way of perceiving the spirit world * How to journey to the various realms of spirit and, to find their spirit helpers * How to work with their spirit helpers to gain insight and healing, and to solve personal problems * How to help another person by consulting spirit helpers * A variety of methods of journey work, including the Sami walking journey Please bring drums or rattles if you have them, an eye covering if you like, and a journal or notebook. Comfortable clothing and a blanket and/or pillow are also recommended, since participants will usually journey lying down.

Price: $150