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Wilt pivots to Assembly run


Jamie Romeo, chair of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, and Jaclyn Richard, president of the Rochester chapter of the National Organization for Women, have already declared their intention to seek the Assembly seat held by Joe Morelle, who's running for Congress.  Robin Wilt, a member of the Brighton Town Board, now plans to join them.

Wilt was one of four Democrats running for 25th Congressional District seat; Morelle won the June 26 primary and became the party's candidate. Over the past few days, there were signs from the Wilt camp that she was gearing up for an Assembly campaign, most notably: her website and social media pages changed from "Wilt for Congress" to "Wilt for Assembly."

And yesterday, just as Wilt was marching in the Irondequoit Fourth of July parade, her campaign manager, Wynette Vickers,  sent out a rather brief statement that concluded with "Happy  Announcement Day!"

But there have been some questions about whether Wilt can run for the seat. Reporters at WROC channel 8 first raised questions about her eligibility. State law says that Assembly candidates have to have lived in the state for five years, and in the district they want to represent for the past 12 months.

Wilt is a Rochester native and has lived in the area for a long time, but from 2012 to 2016 she lived in and voted in the state of Washington. Monroe County Board of Elections officials told WROC that could be enough to disqualify her from the office.

But it doesn't look like Wilt is going to accept that reasoning.  She told WROC that it's for the courts to decide whether she meets the residency requirement.