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Round two for Pittsford project


The Westport Crossing project in the Village of Pittsford is set for another flare up.

The developer, a subsidiary of Mark IV Enterprises, has proposed a maximum 167-unit apartment complex with a restaurant at 75 Monroe Avenue. But the developer now wants to make changes significant enough to require another sign off from the village board, says Pittsford Mayor Bob Corby.

The prior plan already had the board's approval.

Chris DiMarzo, chief operating officer for Mark IV, says the new plan is better because it contains fewer buildings, has better internal circulation, and cuts down on the amount of paved surface in the project.

The new conceptual plan reflects input from residents and village officials, he says. The company has eliminated one building from the plan, moved the larger buildings to the back of the site, and moved the restaurant to the front of the site, DiMarzo says. The restaurant's seating capacity and the number of apartments would not change under the new proposal, he says.

But there's a chance the village board won't go along with the new plan. Corby says he prefers the plan the board approved last year (which he voted against). He says the new plan has bulkier buildings and moves the pool from the interior of the site to the waterfront, which detracts from the public feel the development is supposed to have.

Corby says he's also concerned about changes to the landscaping. The plantings in the previous proposal were meant to offset the buildings' bulk.

If the village board rejects the new proposal, the company would move ahead with the previous plan, DiMarzo says. The board could vote as early as this week.