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It’s official: Democrats take Pittsford, hold GOP to single-seat majority in Monroe County Legislature


A count of ballots that had been outstanding since the November 5 election revealed that Democratic candidate Mike Yudelson prevailed in a close race for a Monroe County Legislature seat in Henrietta, and that Pittsford Democrats flipped the town board to their control.

Heading into Thursday's count of absentee, military, and affidavit ballots at a county Board of Elections facility in Brighton, Yudelson had a lead of 45 votes over Republican Matthew Borkowski in the race for the 13th Legislative District seat. Once the board finished the count, Yudelson led 3,957 to 3,886 — a difference of 71 votes.

The results give the Republicans a 15- to 14-seat majority in the legislature. The party had held a 17- to 12-seat majority going into the election.

The legislature's balance of power was determined election night. But the 13th District race was significant to the extent that the smaller the margin between majority and minority, the more potential there is for individual legislators to break ranks or defect.

Indeed, one former legislator, Tony Micciche, who represented portions of Greece, Gates, and Rochester in the 26th District and was voted into office as a Republican, had been caucusing with Democrats prior to the election. He was unseated by Democratic candidate Yversha Roman.

While Republicans will have the ability to pass their own legislation, they won't have the numbers to block a veto by incoming County Executive Adam Bello, a Democrat.

Also as a result of the count, Pittsford Democrats flipped the town board to their control.

It was clear on Election Day that Republican Supervisor Bill Smith won re-election, but three of the four town board candidates were separated only by a fraction of a percent.

Republican Kate Bohne Munzinger was the top town board vote getter on Election Day and she remained the top finisher Thursday, winning re-election. Snagging the second board seat was Democrat Cathy Koshykar. In January, Democrats will have a three-seat majority on the board.

Jeremy Moule is CITY's news editor. He can be reached at [email protected].