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Former City Councilmember Adam McFadden pleads guilty to defrauding after-school program

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Former Rochester City Council member Adam McFadden pleaded guilty Wednesday to new felony charges that he defrauded the non-profit after-school program he ran, Quad A For Kids, of more than $131,000.

The program serves roughly 500 children in a handful of city public schools and offers a variety of activities ranging from academic help in reading and math to sports and life skills, like money management.
Former City Councilmember Adam McFadden - FILE PHOTO
  • Former City Councilmember Adam McFadden

McFadden admitted in federal court to submitting dozens of bogus invoices for things like office supplies and computer services that were never purchased and pocketing the reimbursements over a period of six years. He had been the program’s executive director.

“I understand that I caused great embarrassment to not only my legacy but my family, my friends, my Quad A family, who I love dearly and would I would not do, uh, and I can’t say enough about the work that we’ve done and the things that we’ve accomplished on behalf of thousands of kids and families that we’ve served over time,” McFadden said outside the courthouse.

Quad A is a project of the Rochester Area Community Foundation philanthropy.

In a letter to staff, the foundation’s president and chief executive officer, Jennifer Leonard, wrote, “Quad A’s operations could have been severely imperiled by McFadden’s actions – a real possibility for a while.”

Earlier this year, McFadden was removed from his position on City Council after pleading guilty to two unrelated fraud felonies linked to his time brokering work for Rochester Housing Charities, a subsidiary of the Rochester Housing Authority, a public agency that provides subsidized housing for the needy. He is awaiting sentencing on those charges.

As part of the plea agreement for his latest admission involving Quad A, McFadden faces up to 21 months in prison, plus fines, and full restitution to the program.

McFadden is scheduled to be sentenced on both guilty pleas in February.

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