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Immigrants in the US

Thanks for the article on cricket. In addition to bringing lots of very talented people to the US, immigration brings new cultures, food, music, and sports that enrich the lives of all of us.

The current anti-immigrant bias is puzzling to me. Even our president hires undocumented immigrants for his golf resorts. Meat packing firms need them because they cannot get Americans to fill their jobs. We have millions of job openings in the US because Americans lack the skills to fill them. We need to find ways to support businesses providing training to Americans to fill those jobs, but we also need to bring in more immigrants who already possess the necessary skills.

Unfortunately, we have an administration that is making everything more difficult. Our president tells energy workers that they wouldn't want to retrain for technical jobs: big hands are unsuitable for assembling computers was the example he gave.

An administration official rewrote the poem on the Statute of Liberty, saying that her light is shining only for Europeans. Sad.

When will we realize that America is richer and better because of immigrants from all over the world?


Guns in the US: change is long overdue

Isn't it about time that we as a nation grew up and took all guns away from everyone except the military and law enforcement? The Constitution accepted slavery, and we abolished slavery and updated the Constitution in other ways as well.

We've come a long way from the era of muskets, but it seems the NRA controls this country when it comes to regulating guns. Congress has refused to regulate guns in any manner that would insure another right that Americans have; the right to life seems to have taken a back seat to the right to have guns.

There is no way to check whether a person has a gun for peaceful uses; there is no way to check whether someone with a gun will shoot innocents in schools, churches, malls, etc., except through legislation.

What part of "a well regulated Militia" do people not understand? The military does not need civilians to practice with guns. They have perfected being well regulated. Will we ever decide that it is time to end the needless deaths?

Check out this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overview_of_gun_laws_by_nation. I bet Russia and others are laughing at us, saying "Those Yankees are killing themselves."


Trump and fascism

The Republicans seem to increasingly refer to Democratic presidential aspirants with the "S" word. How about the "F" word?

Donald Trump says the Article II of the Constitution allows him unlimited power, says he may extend his term beyond eight years, uses the office to enhance his personal wealth; lies like the proverbial rug, attacks minority groups, allies with dictators, encourages the Russians to help him get elected, gives inappropriate power to family members, and uses the justice system against political opponents.

A fascist is like a duck: if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. At best, Donald Trump is a proto-fascist. Those who stand behind this president should review the history of Germany and Italy in the early 1930's.


Correcting ourselves

In "The People's Pitch: Cricket and Rochester," our article on local cricket players, we misspelled the name of one player's son. His name is Yuvaan Mohapatra, not Yuvann Mohapatra.