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Track review: "U.G.L.Y."




Cultco Sound

If you love the KOPPS song “Dumb,” then it’s pretty safe to say you’re gonna love the band's new single “U.G.L.Y.,” a salty and salacious dance floor send-up from this sexified Rochester trio released this week.

“‘U.G.L.Y.’ is a song that pokes fun at manufactured beauty and celebrates personal ‘imperfections’ as a real part of having fun while being your truest self,” the band says in the tune’s press release. The music can leave the listener perhaps a bit mixed up, as it has in a previous single called “Oh Dang Dang.” While it may confuse as simply a beguiling, booty-licious pop song, in reality it’s about being addicted to consumerism.

The trio — vocalist-percussionist Patricia Patrón,  bassist Kyle O’Hara, and guitarist Travis Johansen — mix disco promiscuity and a splash 'n dash of pop, tempered with some rock, to keep the groove going and the whole affair anchored. It’s all kept together by producer and long-time fan, Daniel Armbruster of Joywave. In short, KOPPS is a whole lotta FUNN.