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SWING/MAYHEM | The Gas House Gorillas


So, five gorillas walk into a bar... But seriously folks, five tattooed Tarzans from the jungles of Brooklyn stroll into a joint in Anytown, U.S., and promptly take the stage. They look like a cross-section between The Bowery Boys and escapees from The Reformatory for Wayward Boys circa 1959. It's still not clear if these cats are the band, or if they beat up the band and took their instruments. If it weren't for their impressive musicianship, the jury would still be out. GHG is punk chaos with vintage R&B charm. Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your heads. This is, as the members put it, "God's favorite band." I dare you to keep still at this one, sluggo.

The Gas House Gorillas perform on Saturday, July 19, at Abilene, 153 Liberty Pole Way. 9:30 p.m. $10.;