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SOUL | Danielle Ponder & The Tomorrow People


Danielle Ponder's voice is a peerless blend of strength and smoothness. The charismatic singer and her band, The Tomorrow People, have long galvanized audiences with their infectious pop-R&B sound and dynamic message of love, understanding, and social justice. On Friday, Ponder and company will take it to the next level when they return to The Little Theatre with a multimedia event entitled "For the Love of Justice." Not just another concert, Ponder will draw from her experience as both a public defender and musician to address issues of criminal justice, feminism, racial justice, and self-empowerment. The performance will be directed by Avis Reese, with videographers Adrian Elim and Ajani Jefferies providing poignant visuals. It's all part of Ponder's "Three Word Revolution," and it's safe to say the love will be unstoppable.

Danielle Ponder & The Tomorrow People will perform "For the Love of Justice" on Friday, December 1, at The Little's Theater 1, 240 East Avenue. 8:30 p.m. $25-$30.;