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ROOTS ROCK-SOUL | Dustbowl Revival


Without a percussive strike, spike, or slap of an instrument, or even a harsh puff from a singer's lungs, it's hard sometimes to distinguish a note's origin. The music of California sextet Dustbowl Revival is full of this mysterious phenomenon, especially with the fiddle, which seems to appear out of thin air. The same goes for the trombone as it snakes its way into actuality before you know it. There's just enough sweet jazz in the mix too, so it won't turn your ankle or make your greengrass blue. The band calls it "sonic adventuring"; you'll call it "Wow." It's like it came outta nowhere.

Dustbowl Revival plays Saturday, November 23, 8 p.m. at Callahan Theater at Nazareth College Arts Center, 4245 East Avenue.$20-$40. 389-2170. $20-$40.;