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ROCK/THEATER | 'Born to Run in the USA'


These types of shows go beyond your need for a good rock fix and venture to explore where the artist ends and the music begins — where the artist themselves got on the train to redemption and oblivion. It'll be interesting to see how the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre's production of "Born to Run in the USA," featuring Eric Brown and the L Street Band, deconstructs Bruce Springsteen's body of work, its lyrical nuances, and the rock 'n' roll that delivers it all hot and fresh.

"Born to Run in the USA" will be onstage Thursday, July 27, through Sunday, August 13, at Downstairs Cabaret at Winton Place, 3450 Winton Place. Check Downstairs Cabaret for exact dates and times. $27-$30. 325-4370;