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ROCK | River Lynch & The Spiritmakers


River Lynch & The Spiritmakers are on a mission to revive rock 'n' roll for future generations. Guitarist River Lynch started a solo electric project after leaving college, eventually finding kinship with bassist Schuyler Skuse and drummer Tim Leverett. Since 2016, River Lynch & The Spiritmakers have celebrated three releases, including its newest single, "Outside the Sun." With robust guitar twang and vintage vocal effects, the band mixes classic rock, psychedelia, folk, and blues. Lynch has a tenor voice like Beck's,and the guitar style of Tom Petty.

River Lynch & The Spiritmakers will perform along with The False Positives on Friday, April 12, 9 p.m. at Lux Lounge, 666 South Avenue. $5. 232-9030.;