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ROCK | Herb Heinz and the Turbines


It's hard to simply refer to an artist as "versatile," especially when there's no foreseeable limit to that artist's talent. Take one Herb Heinz, for example. Whether he's working as a guitar-playing sideman and backing up a musician such as singer-songwriter Teressa Wilcox, or playing straight-ahead rock 'n 'roll, reggae, and other styles with his band, the Turbines, this unassuming guy mystifies to the core. Heinz can and does play everything, with a composer's attention to detail and a matador's bravado. Olé.

Herb Heinz and the Turbines play Thursday, January 9, 8 p.m. at Three Heads Brewing, 186 Atlantic Avenue. $5. 244-1224.