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ROCK | Dead Flowers


Where the f**k have these guys been all my life? I've been wading in second-rate blues and rancid roots rock searching for the perfect blend of beer joint rock 'n' roll and bravado. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't all suck. I came close in my quest when I first heard Dan Baird's post Satellite's flight with the Yahoos, and The Chinchillas continue to scratch that itch effectively on a daily basis. Dallas' Dead Flowers are a guitar heavy drive that just sounds great. No over the top histrionics or disingenuous wanking here, no sir. Just good ol' rock 'n' roll for sweaty nights with your hand around a long neck and arm around your girl. Dig it.

Dead Flowers play with New City Slang and Northern Spies at Monty's Krown, 875 Monroe Avenue, on Saturday, May 2. 9 p.m. $3.