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Named for the portmanteau of Motown and its hometown, local reggae-rock quartet MoChester has been on the jam since 2001. Consisting of singer-guitarist Brandon Sheffer, keyboardist Jonathan Sheffer, and drummer Alex Melville, MoChester has progressed over the years from an acoustic singer-songwriter approach to a full-fledged rock band over the years, and celebrated a revival in 2011 with the addition of its current bassist, Ben Overmyer. The band's music features clear-cut vocals like that of the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime, all written in alternative rock arrangements à la Incubus. MoChester delivers a range of styles, from intricate acoustic instrumentals and soft-swaying reggae ballads to powerhouse rock songs.

MoChester will perform on Friday, February 21, 8 p.m. at Three Heads Brewing, 186 Atlantic Avenue. $5. 244-1224.;