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Negus Irap stakes claim on Rochester hip-hop with ‘Reset' music video


Negus Irap sticks to a winning hip-hop formula in the new music video for "Reset," from the album "My Name Is Guss." - PHOTO BY JOE MARCHETTI
  • Negus Irap sticks to a winning hip-hop formula in the new music video for "Reset," from the album "My Name Is Guss."
Rochester rapper Corey Waterman, aka Negus Irap, put his stamp on the local hip-hop scene on Sept. 3, when he released the video for his single “Reset,” from the new album “My Name Is Guss.”

At 25, Negus is the same age as most of the artists surfacing on the online media platform Lyrical Lemonade — known for showcasing breakthrough artists from this new era of rap. But he separates himself from the pack by sticking to the original formula for hip-hop music: dope bars, original flo and cadence and rhymes packed with clever metaphors. And he releases the music on his own time, in his own way.

In his new video “reset”, released on his YouTube channel, NEGUS IRAP, Waterman takes to the corner of N. Clinton and Scrantom with a backpack and he posts up. Spectators could easily believe he was a corner boy. But, the only thing he’s slinging is his rap verses.

“These n****s is boney frail, offended by whatever’s remotely real/ Like how they hate the fact that I know I’m skilled,” he spits as he sways to his own bars. Patrons of the corner store show him deserved respect as he displays his skills out in the open.

As Negus Irap, Waterman positions himself as one of the few local artists from the town who isn’t afraid to keep it real. Both in conversation and in “Reset” itself, he points out that cancel culture is at an all-time high in hip-hop music, particularly against artists who speak truth in their music.

But Negus Irap continues to let his music speak for him, aiming to become a new legacy for Rochester’s hip-hop scene and beyond. While his confidence may offend some, it’s obvious he has the potential to stand toe-to-toe with hip-hop’s best.

Negus dropped the music video for the second single from “My Name Is Guss” — available now on all streaming platforms — called “Mercury Mariner,” on Sept. 10. It’s sure to please fans who hadn’t heard much from the rapper since the 2020 EP “Staying Afloat.”

“Y’all ’bout to hear me now and I’m never gon’ leave y’all again,” he says to the camera at the end of “Reset.” We should definitely hold him accountable to that statement. “My name Is Guss” is available on all music streaming platforms.

Geary Ann Lewin is a freelance writer for CITY. Feedback on this article can be directed to [email protected].