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ELECTRONIC | DJ Martha Stewart and DJ ELUS


Swan Dive, the burgeoning and aesthetically astute bar and New-American eatery on Alexander Street, will also host a killer set of underground electronic music this Friday. DJ Martha Stewart – previously of local surf-rock trio The Huckleberry Fins – will team up with DJ ELUS of Sole Rehab JD Collective to bringing a flavorful party experience to Lower East End. The duo is performing out for the first time here, with a mix of funk, disco and house tunes that evoke the soundtracks of Chicago warehouse parties, French dance music, and urban sprawl. An eclectic alternative on your East End jaunt, the concert will also feature visuals of the neon and geometric variety, by Austin Retzlaff.

DJ ELUS and DJ Martha Stewart will play Friday, November 16th from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Swan Dive, 289 Alexander Street. 413-3306.