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Album review: 'Warbirds'





Do you like Tool? Do you dig abstract time signatures that serve the chaos appropriately? Do you like heavy bands that are heavy with a purpose, and aren't just there as a soundtrack to a botched autopsy? Rochester's CHRMR keeps it dark and dirty throughout the eight powerful tracks on its latest release, "Warbirds."

It's a plunge into grunge that isn't necessarily overwrought, but pretty f****ng emotional at the same time. Amidst the album's total crash and bang, CHRMR weaves a velvety and heavy tapestry that varies from song to song. "Victoria" sounds like it was recorded underwater, while "Deep Fade Event" is just that — an apocalyptic event. CHRMR includes members of Sulaco, Old Boy, Low Ton, and Bughouse. There's a lot of heavy here in the 585. Oughta make for one hell of a cage match.