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ALBUM REVIEW: "Tomorrow is Never"


The Lovely Intangibles

"Tomorrow is Never"



Turn up the reverb and you turn up the lonely. That's what The Lovely Intangibles has done on its debut release, "Tomorrow is Never." Even without the bed of reverb to wallow in, this album is an epic, quasi-gothic affair; a narcotic lullaby. This is a beautiful collection of nine forays into melancholy that sparkle like Mazzy Star.

The band is the collision of Rochester vocalist Mary Ognibene (Datsun Moon) and members of The Lost Patrol in what was initially a plan to record a few experimental numbers. But like a Ouija board, the music took hold and the project grew into a full-blown project and band. Obviously influenced by The Lost Patrol, the Lovely Intangibles has created a dreamy, cohesive trip with "Tomorrow is Never" that in and of itself is both lovely and intangible.