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ALBUM REVIEW: "The Winter Blue"


Jesse and the Sprinkles

"The Winter Blue"

Bluebrick Recordings

The family that plays together, stays together ... or at least stays warm. Drummer and producer to the stars Jesse Sprinkle bundled up the wife and kids and piled them into the studio to commiserate and even celebrate this region's unrelenting winter. The resulting record, "The Winter Blue," isn't nearly as stir-crazy and bittersweet as you might think. It sounds like pop-punk meets family winter fun without sleds or the TV. Sprinkle is a hard rockin' cat with a thoughtful streak that shines throughout everything he touches from working with The Tommy Brunett Band and his past work with Dead Poetic, to teaching orphans music in Africa. He is a beautiful man and this is a beautiful record that puts a pretty spin on some ugly, ugly months.