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ALBUM REVIEW: "The Dan Eaton Band"


The Dan Eaton Band

"The Dan Eaton Band"


From its red velvet cake cover, to its blue collar endurance, The Dan Eaton Band's new self-titled release is a powerful and sweet affair. The album kicks off rough and tumble with "Happy Man," a tune that has the guitar scratching the sky while trading off atmosphere with Eaton's storied lyrics. The man's voice is in fine form throughout as if he's been exploring tones he didn't know were previously there. "Remember" reminds me of Harry Chapin hailing a cab. Neil Young and Tom Petty are in there too just a-clinging to Eaton's sleeve. This is pure, insightful Americana that tells a story of the blue collar blues. Who knows, it might be your story in there as well. You're cooking at home, he's Dan Eaton.