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Album review: 'That Is Not Dead...'


Rotten UK

"That Is Not Dead..."

Hell's Headbangers Records

Rochester punks Rotten UK play a whole lot tighter than the genre requires on its new CD, "That Is Not Dead..." Not to worry, there's plenty of minor-keyed slop and sleaze served up throughout with a snotty sneer. It's got something from all of the food groups: metal, horror, punk, hardcore, thrash, etc, and it all comes off like a Dead Kennedys benediction tempered with Iron Maiden precision and a Lux Interior stiletto swagger.

Rotten UK absolutely rocks. Even with its in-your-face, doom-laden vocal tack as well as good-natured attacks on religion and other mainstream atrocities, Rotten UK is cryptic fun. Really, this is a fun record overall, full of primitive beats and slashing guitars, all beneath an apocalyptic vocal bark and wail. With the support of its new label, Hell's Headbangers, the band is gearing up to head overseas, where this type of punk thrives. Save yourself some dough, though, and catch them here at home if you dare.