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Album review: 'Tempus Fugit'


A Fitting Revenge

"Tempus Fugit"


The monolithic guitars on A Fitting Revenge's "Tempus Fugit" — "time flies" — offer nothing in the way of the shrill shriek heavy bands often find themselves caught up in. Instead the band keeps it thick and nasty by keeping the speed in check. This is a good guitar album for those who are fans of such.

That isn't to say the rest of this Rochester metal band doesn't hold up its own. The members of the trio are in lockstep with each other and the heavy music they create. The drums thunder like a panhead going through its gears, and the bass covers all the bases and allows the guitar to put on melodic wings for frequent sojourns out of the meat grinder. See what I mean when you drop into the track "Of Livestock and Wolves."

"Tempus Fugit" is an excellent example of how to really add significance to the heavy by hugging the curves just a few clicks slower. Overall the whole thing is a vicious heaping helping of heavy metal.