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ALBUM REVIEW: "Stepson of the God of Thunder"


Dark Nemesis

"Stepson of the God of Thunder"


DC Comics's Dark Nemesis is a high-powered group who will work for anyone that will pay them. Sounds like a band, huh. Enter rocker Eddie Nebula with Dark Nemesis, his new project emerging from the ashes of The Plague. This band's debut disc is full of pop metal hooks, speed, and foreboding lyrical doom. On top of the most excellent instrumental aural crunch and cascade is Nebula's signature pipes; a voice that rages at the very peak of his awesome range. It's obvious the man can hit notes throughout an impressive scale, but anger and urgency seem to prevail and he routinely shoots for the stratosphere wailing with sonic tones only dogs can hear. The humor on "Stepson of the God of Thunder" seems at times tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes genuinely dark. To quote Nebula, this is his fairy tale. This CD has been in my dash for a week straight. See why. Listen. Beware.