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Album review: 'Stay Creepy'


Grease Creepers

'Stay Creepy'


Grease Creepers is a local psychobilly band that's bringing classic rock back from the dead with an energetic, punk flair. Consisting of Tommy "Fat Dead Elvis" Walsh on guitar and vocals; Ryan "Sid Malicious" Hurley on electric upright bass; and Collin "Wolf Nards" Bourne on Energizer-bunny-level drums, Grease Creepers have been rocking out and throwing a wild party since their debut release in 2016. The band's newest album "Stay Creepy," released in November 2018, offers a more streamlined and cohesive zombie aesthetic.

"Stay Creepy" is a head-banging thrill ride of untamed spirit and otherworldly energy. Grease Creepers experiment with hints of swing jazz that meld into psychedelic dreamscapes in songs like "Stalker," while resurrecting its rowdy, country-punk style in "Staring Down the Barrel." "Let Me Eat Your Brains" is the ultimate climax, a sinister and silly story-song that embodies the band's explosive energy.

"Stay Creepy," is fast-paced, exhilarating party music filled with zombie-mosh breakdowns. Each band member plays so speedily you can't believe they don't trip over their own hands. It's evident that Grease Creepers have honed their technical skills and devilish style, reaching further into the depths of your soul from the grave.