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Album review: 'Sit & Smile'


Willow Bay

"Sit & Smile"


Let's see now: thickly chopped power chords; snotty vocals; clever songs; little or no excessive guitar noodling; accelerated tempo. Lemme guess, it's the new Green Day. No? Then it's the Foxboro Hot Tubs? No? This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Rochester punkers Willow Bay's "Sit & Smile" sounds exactly like Green Day. It's uncanny. You've got to wonder: Was this on purpose? I can't be the first one to hear this pervading influence.

It's not as prevalent in the few videos the trio has up on YouTube, and there's no denying Willow Bay's talent and impish sense of fun. So I'm willing to take "Sit & Smile" as a fluke, a cosmic occurrence, and suggest they take a stab at The Ramones, The Heartbreakers, or The Dolls. Or they can just tell me to get bent.