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Album review: 'Sinner in Me'


Krypton 88

"Sinner in Me"


"Sinner in Me" is 12 cuts of pure rockabilly badness; what more do you need? Krypton 88 — Rochester's keepers of the slap, bang, and twang flame — are back. On this outing, the trio tools around town with the hood off in order to show off the high-octane instrumentation that goes into this seemingly simple bop. It's a retro rock 'n' roll riot, where the requisite swagger and machismo doesn't over shadow the fact that Krypton 88 is simply a great dance band.

Front man James Via plays his Gretsch 6120 as the big red guitar dictates, ranging from razor-sharp twang to lush chops and fills. Standout originals like "Smugtown Stomp" (should've been the album title if you ask me) and "Amber Skies" hold up admirably when tossed in with takes on Johnny Burnette and Carl Perkins. Krypton 88 swings a tres cool version of Burnette's "Midnight Train." That being said, "Sinner in Me" is a little safe in spots. I'd like to hear a little more grit, grease, and growl from these boys in the studio, like what I've heard from them countless times before in the juke joints and honky-tonks they haunt.