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ALBUM REVIEW: "Silver Creek Attractions"


Silver Creek Attractions

"Silver Creek Attractions"


Like so many bands today, Silver Creek Attractions' latest CD is an EP — direct and to the point, no fat, no fluff; just a five song punch in the gut. After one spin you'll already have a pretty clear idea of what this young Rochester quartet is capable of. There are plenty of minor-keyed push and pull and intensity like the opening track "Leave Me Hollow" which cruises with a lyrically seasoned introspection that goes beyond the just-out-of-high school-band's collective ages. "Fading" bristles just below its duplicitous surface before busting free of its dynamic restraints. "Third From The Sun" is an apocalyptic adventure swirling in the ether with a pop flourish. The Band takes it to the edge with every cut without going over. But over and above the musicianship and talent, it just sounds f***ing cool. Wanna hear more? Put this down and pick up Silver Creek Attractions.