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ALBUM REVIEW: "Searching Game"


Teagan and the Tweeds

"Searching Game"


I've witnessed Teagan and the Tweeds' ballsy onstage bombast enough to know that it's got to be hard to saddle this pony in the studio. The band's new album, aptly titled "Searching Game," finds the group exploring outside of its hammer-down, soul-shaking bailiwick. The varied songs — from the lovelorn, like the title track, to lowdown barnburners like "Morning Glory" — dictate where the listener goes on this 11-song roots-rock rollercoaster ride. There' s nothing more heartbreaking than Tommy Formicola's pedal steel as he uses it to liberally paint the sky, or more inspirational than Katy Wright's go-go boogie on the keys like the soap-opera-in-a-cathedral cut "Lover of Mine." Or just check out her out quoting Brother Ray on "Jack of All Trades." And of course, there's guitarist Lou Giglio playing with the reserve of a rattlesnake coiled to strike. "Searching Game" is an all-around fun, rocking, rolling platter with a well-represented cross-section of the band's multi-genre bop, with Teagan Ward's beautiful and powerful singing as the red-headed cherry on top.