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Album review: 'Purblind'





Hinkley's latest, full-length offering, "Purblind," is an enigmatic album that evokes the homespun warmth of folk and Americana without belonging to either genre. What we get instead are sophisticated rock songs featuring simple, charming vocal melodies and full, harmonic textures in the guitars and keyboards; Will Veeder's voice frequently recalls that of Neil Young.

The music itself delightfully indulges in reverb-soaked psychedelia. The subtle shoegaze of Veeder and John Depuy's guitars suddenly explodes into anthemic hooks that would be as at home in rock arenas as they are here in the intimate setting of co-producer Dave Drago's 1809 Studios in Mendon. The production choices are savvy; the double tracking effect in the lead vocals, on songs like "Popular Attitudes About Magic & Sexuality" and "Let's Rot Together," lend haunting immediacy to Hinkley's rich sound.

"Purblind" is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music.