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ALBUM REVIEW: "My Friend the Night"


Greg Townson

"My Friend the Night"

2-Bit Records

This here is a rock 'n' roll mug with a smile on its dial. Greg Townson brings a bright blast of classic, transistor radio pop to his follow up to last year's "By Your Side." On "My Friend the Night," instead of wallowing in the inky noir of the wee hours, and those characters who knock about therein, the Rochester rocker brings the joy. As a solo artist, Townson rocks in a cheery, "aww shucks" kinda way, which is quite different than what he is capable of as exhibited by his lightning luchador licks in Los Straitjackets, or his work with The Hi-Risers.

There are three sides to this affable cat. And this record allows Townson's three outlets to shine. You can hear the frothy surf fun of Los Straitjackets on his take on Vince Guaraldi's "Linus and Lucy"; Townson as the happy hour troubadour on "These Shoes of Mine"; and high-steppin' good time rock 'n' roll on "Just a Little Bit more." The playing and production are excellent, and the songwriting instantly classic.