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Album review: 'Lugaroo'





Good lyrics seem to work best in clusters of cohesive thoughts or themes. They add up to create impact. Rarely does it come down to just a line or two, until now. Ryan Yarmel — or Yarms as the kids call him — has released a new EP of self-aware acoustic introspection entitled "Lugaroo."

This five-song solo journey has one of the finest lines of prose ever: "I was counting on you to see my heart on its toes," Yarms sings on the title track — driving the spike home just sturdy enough to skirt the apparent frailty. But it isn't quite what you'd call surrender.

And put the stories aside for a sec, if you can, and dig the warm tones from Yarms' guitar, his rollicking lines serving as little finger-picked treasures in their own right. Yarmel sings gentle and somewhat narcotic while his guitar gently weeps. It'll touch your heart.