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Album review: 'House Music'


No Glitter

“House Music”

Self Release

Rochester multi-instrumentalist Billy Martin describes his music in intimate detail on his Bandcamp page, but that doesn’t threaten to dampen its beguiling vibe or mystery. Recorded solo behind the stage name No Glitter, Martin’s “House Music” is an artsy synth exploration that takes him to the outer limits of creativity and his mind.

While the EP is soaked with synth, the trippy vocals have a presence of their own. You’ve heard them sung before, no doubt, but not in this dreamy of a context. The subject matter is delivered with a healthy helping of reverb, too. It aids in the quest for a new sound. Radiohead is certainly an influence as is David Bowie. But it’s clear that No Glitter is on it’s own path

When the genius comes in is where the genius comes in. For instance, on the track “TURZ,” No Glitter takes a friend's telephone number and translates the digits to guitar tablature. Other cuts are equally bold, whether they are merely his ruminations on the current virus crisis or a riff or tone brought to the lab.

Usually this much space filled up synthetically is tossed off with big 80’s neon bubblegum. However, “House Music” is heavy; lift with the legs.