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Album review: 'Hide the Moon and the Stars'


Bryn Roberts and Lage Lund

'Hide the Moon and the Stars'


There is a tradition in jazz, however small, of pairing a top pianist with an equally talented guitarist. Bill Evans and Jim Hall may be the most widely heralded of these duos, but Bryn Roberts and Lage Lund are formidable contenders. Roberts is a first-call pianist, working with artists like Rodney Green, Seamus Blake, Rosanne Cash, and William Bell. Originally from Norway, Lund is a first prize-winner of the Thelonious Monk Guitar Competition and one of the most lyrical guitarists on the scene today.

Their new album, "Hide the Moon and the Stars," is a gorgeous session from start to finish. Beautiful originals like Lund's "California" and Roberts' "Amaryllis" are followed by more complex and adventurous tunes, showcasing the brilliant technique and compositional skills of both artists. Whether harmonizing or weaving sinuous paths around each other, the common denominator throughout the album is the wonderful textural and tonal mix of guitar and piano.