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ALBUM REVIEW: "Head Honcho"


Harmonica Lewinski

"Head Honcho"


Harmonica Lewinski has put forth a fabulous new release with "Head Honcho." This rockin' slab of greasy goodness mixes the elements of first generation rock 'n' roll, surf-a-go-go (think The Trashmen, or better yet Rochester's landlocked surf legends, The Tempests), and psychedelic freak-out. With "Head Honcho," Harmonica Lewinski has put together the party record of the season.

The guitars keep it slippery when wet while the organ provides an atmospheric — spooky, really — bed of nails beneath. The production is excellent, even cinematic in spots, but not overthought or polished. There's a ton of fight left intact as this cassette-only release (you can get the digital version on the Bandcamp site) plugs away with a worn patina and iconoclast aesthetic.

It's 11 tracks long, and I'm telling you there isn't a single clunker in the bunch. By the time you get to the lo-fi cut "Lucy Lemonade" — the rager that closes the whole affair — if you haven' crashed into a wall yet, you'll be able to flip it over and start all over again. One of the best recordings I've heard this year.