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Album review: 'Harmonium'





Archimedes' new CD "Harmonium" unfolds like little dreams that are anchored in plaintive delivery. Listen as the acoustic guitar swirls in a circular cadence, weaving a tapestry throughout the casually shared harmony like smoke wafting from an inviting campfire. It's like a preamble to a madrigal, a requiem for a dream.

"Harmonium" never takes off too crazy, nor does it threaten to throw the rider off in the middle of the thrill. When someone handed me this disc, I was told something like, "It's folk," but I have to disagree. Sure the set-up is bare-bones and the guitars move the air about splendidly, but Archimedes speaks as and to the dreamer (not within a collective). And it does the job well.

Archimedes will play a free album release show with Ben Morey and Cammy Enaharo on Wednesday, October 17, 7 p.m. at South Wedge Mission, 125 Caroline Street.