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Album review: 'Flow'


Tart Vandelay



Simple beauty just pours out of this EP like a bloodless, self-inflicted wound. In order for someone to take beauty, somebody has to give it. And Rochester's Tart Vandelay just gives and gives on its new, four-song salvo, "Flow." What catches the ear right out of the gate is the result of the group's singer-keyboardist Katie Halligan harmonizing with herself. This always sounds odd to me, and it has a unique ring and reverberation more than if she had intoned with another woman warbling in the shotgun seat.

Though Tart Vandelay has fleshed out its ranks to a foursome since we last heard from it, the beauty and deceptive innocence the band set out to create on earlier duo endeavors remains; the only difference perhaps is there's a little more control. It shows up in the lush production that rocks sweetly without burying the sound in the distraction of a clichéd or forced atmosphere. You can hear the room Tart Vandelay recorded this EP in — it's as if they were playing in the walls.