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Album review: 'Feel The Voodoo'


Johnny Smoke

"Feel The Voodoo"


This new four-song EP from Johnny Smoke is a pleasant and clever departure for this normally hard-rockin' outfit. Don't panic, though, Johnny Smoke still rocks out major league. However, instead of blasting out of the gate with the band's political slant and straight ahead rock 'n' roll, "Feel The Voodoo" introduces some subtle and not-so-subtle dynamics and arrangements that are downright theatrical.

The cover art is way cool and disturbing (I love skulls; I hate snakes), and it alludes to the Voodoo in the opening track. But that's it as Johnny Smoke shifts back into its larger-than-life thrash, twang, and thunder on the three following tracks. The EP is short, but it's also airtight and succinct, showing off the band's range and dexterity without too many cuts getting in the way. Johnny Smoke has never been too riff-rock heavy, but it certainly knows to find where the hooks are hiding and even plugs in some Voodoo to find them.