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Album review: 'Die Alone'


Great Red

'Die Alone'


Seemingly out of an astute nothingness comes the clever buildup. It's a buildup that sits patiently with the listeners hanging around Great Red's bullpen. The new EP, "Die Alone" exemplifies restraint, with the promise of a rather stark psychedelia right around the corner and in your face. Though the energy gets goosed toward bigger and better things, the journey, or the promise thereof, is worth the wait. The whole project will lift you up as it's expected to do. Even the subsonic freak-outs at the end do their part.

Great Red celebrates the release of "Die Alone" with The Moho Collective and Cammy Enaharo on Friday, July 19, 8:30 p.m. at UUU Art Collective, 153 State Street. $10.490-0115.;