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Album review: 'Blooming'


Candy Isle



Originally formed in 2017 as an acoustic duo by college friends Kat Bakrania on cajon and Lydia Dake on guitar and ukulele, Candy Isle now has an amplified, indie pop sound with the addition of its newest member, bassist Allison Froio. The trio's new album, "Blooming," shifts through all the feelings in a vibrant expression of self-acceptance and love. "Candlelight" and "I'm Afraid of Dying" get the listener thinking with philosophical lyrics that fold inward on themselves, stretched over slow, shuffling guitar melodies. Candy Isle sweetens its candidly worded lyrics with flowery vocal harmonies in "City of Bridges" and "Stuck in a Rut." At the end of "Daisy," the harmonies flutter into an uplifting cuckoo-like bridge.