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Album review: 'Big Eyed Rabbit'


The Brothers Blue

"Big Eyed Rabbit"


The Brothers Blue come bounding out of the gate on the band's new album, "Big Eyed Rabbit," and the careening swirl of old-time joy doesn't let up for the entirety of its 13 cool, cool cuts. It is all kept fresh and smooth with a constant pop of the bluegrass-charged rhythm clutch.

You'll hear a lonesome salvo sandwiched between a set of irresistible waltzes, or followed up by an accelerated, flat-picked 2/4 beat on cuts like "Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone." These are all storied tunes of bygone history made legendary by pickers and grinners like Lester Flatt.

The production is period correct but not antiquated. Folk music like this is still being made hot and fresh by contemporary groups, so it's more of a genre than merely a period; a genre dominated by groups like The Brothers Blue.