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Album review: 'Between The Banners, Beneath the Floors'



"Between The Banners, Beneath the Floors"

Dadstache Records

"Between the Banners, Beneath the Floors," the debut full-length from Rochester band Forevers, opens in a fury of ponderous guitars before settling into a 90's alt-rock groove that changes and contorts but nevertheless remains consistent through the album's 11 songs.

This album could be described as guitar rock, but it's much more than that. Entwined with distorted guitars is an eclectic choice of instrumentation. Opening with "Mattress" and "Wait It Out," which are carefully layered with synth and what sounds like a kid's toy whistle, and moving into "Simple Machines," there is a wistful melancholy that gives the songs a playful, childlike quality. Listen carefully and you'll hear hovering string sections, bongo drums, and even a singing saw.

Beyond the thoughtful orchestration is just plain thoughtful songwriting, flowing between riffs good enough to be choruses and choruses that are catchy enough to be riffs. Frontperson David Baumgartner writes in a way that is relatable and the entire band captures his lyrical mood in a way that is unique to each song. All in all, this is an album filled with songs that are frank and from the heart, exalting even the most mundane moments.