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Album review: 'Beautiful Disease'


A Vintage Year

"Beautiful Disease"


A Vintage Year's sophomore EP, "Beautiful Disease," resonates with some juxtaposition: influenced by grunge, the band blends in elements of prog- and alt-rock for a more contemporary sound. It roars like an engine.

"Beautiful Disease" opens up with "Lot to Say" and wastes no time launching into a chorus reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots — lead singer Joe Williams channels the ghost of Scott Weiland on a few of the EP's tracks — which eventually gets broken up by guitarist Jordan Barney's solo. When the quartet follows a similar pattern of big choruses and effective riffs A Vintage Year produces some of its best material.

The gem on this CD, though, is "More and More," which is deliberate as it dives into power-pop. The song blissfully uses vocal harmonies over a straightforward arrangement that highlights a solid performance by drummer Nick Manka. Despite being an album from a young band, "Beautiful Disease" has its moments. A Vintage Year ought to get even better with time.